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Sales Management

Tims’ Expertise

Tim has 25 years sales management experience in the FMCG industry working for a variety of suppliers to the major supermarket chains in Australia and the UK.

Tim has extensive experience of sales management with major Australian retailers such as Aldi, Coles, Costco and Woolworths in Australia. Tim also worked in the UK as a category manager for 5 years supplying fresh produce to major supermarkets including Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and TESCO.

Sales Management

Sales Management

Tim can negotiate on behalf of clients or provide advice. 

The major supermarkets in Australia (Aldi, Coles, Costco and Woolworths) all have different procedures and policies for ranging products and dealing with suppliers. For example, Aldi normally uses a tender process for private label products and awards a supply contract for 1 / 2 years. Coles and Woolworths will have a category review, normally 6 monthly for most categories. Bowen Consulting can partner with suppliers to explain how to best manage relationships with the major supermarkets in Australia.

This service normally includes:

Reviewing clients offer to ensure it meets buyers expectations

Creating presentations (the deck)

Negotiations with retail buyers

Assisting with submission of necessary paperwork

On going account management with buyers

If you are new to the industry my blog, An introduction into why Australian supermarket buyers range new products, may be useful.

For a free initial consultation, or meeting with Tim, my Contact Details . I look forward to talking with you.