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Tim has over 20 years experience in the FMCG industry working for a variety of suppliers to the major supermarket chains in Australia and the UK.

Tim has had a number of sales, marketing and category roles in a variety of categories including fresh, grocery and general merchandise. Tim has extensive experience of head office negotiations with major Australian retailers such as Aldi, Coles, Costco and Woolworths in Australia. Tim also worked in the UK as a category manager for 5 years supplying fresh produce to major supermarkets including Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and TESCO. These roles have included brand management, category reviews, private label contracts and managing business relationships with the retailers. The reviews were completed utilising consumer insights for qualitative consumer research, e.g. focus groups, and quantitative research including scan / panel data (IRI Aztec, Nielsen, TNS).


Bowen Consulting offers a specialist sales and marketing service for the retail industry, suppliers and retailers. A quick overview of services provided includes:

  • business strategy

The Australian retail market is being disrupted. Major international retailers such as Aldi, Amazon, Costco and Kaufland are now operating in Australia. There is growing sales of private label products. Consumers are slowly switching to ordering FMCG (non food and food) items online. All this change in the market requires FMCG businesses to review their business strategy and operations. I provide expert advice to ensure your business is well positioned to benefit from the disruption.

  • product / brand management

Due to the increasing sales of private label products in Australian retailers expert advice is required to launch, manage and grow product ranges / brands in Australia and overseas. Auction sites, such as eBay and Amazon, have also created a new route to market for brands that struggle to enter the mainstream retailers in Australia and/or for suppliers that do not wish to supply the major chains.

  • negotiating with major supermarkets

The major supermarkets in Australia (Aldi, Coles, Costco and Woolworths) all have different procedures and policies for ranging products and dealing with suppliers. For example, Aldi normally uses a tender process for private label products and awards a supply contract for 1 / 2 years. Coles and Woolworths will have a category review, normally 6 monthly for most categories. Bowen Consulting can partner with suppliers to explain how to best manage relationships with the major supermarkets in Australia.

  • improving the results of your store / retail operation

With increasing competition from major supermarkets, online retailers and foreign retailers, such as Aldi, the Australian retail market is becoming more competitive. Bowen Consulting can offer real world advice so your store is able to compete in todays’ ultra competitive market. My blog, how Australian retailers are using customer centric strategies to win, highlights how major retailers are responding to foreign retailers, such as Aldi, and this approach could work for your store too.

  • online auction sites, e.g. eBay and Amazon and online stores

Whether you are launching a new product or brand online or taking an existing ‘bricks and mortar’ business online Bowen Consulting can partner with you to minimise the risk of failure. If you are new to online retailing I suggest you read my blog about Terapeak that highlights what information is readily available to research your idea before launch. Another blog, how to sell to Aussies online , also highlights that most online retailers are not meeting Australian consumers expectations at the moment.

Expert category management principles shall be utilised to review your current business, identify opportunities and then create mutually beneficial relationships between suppliers and retailers.

For a free initial consultation, or meeting with Tim, simply complete this Contact Us form. I look forward to talking with you.

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