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Private Label


Tim has 25 years experience of private label tenders / review process with major Australian retailers such as Aldi, Coles, Costco and Woolworths. Tim also worked in the UK as a category manager for 5 years supplying fresh produce (private label) to major supermarkets including Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and TESCO.

Private Label

Private Label

‘Private labels have traditionally been seen as the cheap and nasty alternatives, but perceptions are changing and consumers are switching to save. There has been a huge change in attitudes in a short space of time.’

Source: Canstar Blue (Private label vs Brand names: The switch is on. 2016)

Due to Australian shoppers demanding ‘value’, plus the growth of Aldi in Australia, major supermarket chains are increasingly ranging P/L (private label) SKUs. As the quote above highlights the overall quality of P/L in Australia has dramatically increased since Aldi entered the market.

The process to supply P/L to major supermarkets is different to the normal category review process for branded ranges. Firstly, clients need to be added to ‘potential supplier list’ so you are notified of upcoming tenders / reviews. The actual review process will take longer and retailers will ask for more information about your product, such as ingredients, production process etc vs a review for branded SKUs. It is also normal for third parties, e.g. packaging designers, to be involved in the process.

Bowen Consulting can partner with suppliers to manage the P/L process from being added to the ‘potential suppliers’ list to on-going account management.

This service normally includes:

Reviewing clients offer to ensure it meets buyers expectations

Reaching out to supermarkets to ensure clients are on the ‘potential suppliers’ list for P/L reviews

Creating presentations (the deck) based on the P/L tender documents / retailer expectations

Negotiations with retail buyers

Assisting with submission of necessary paperwork

On going account management with buyers

If you are new to the industry my blog, An introduction into how Australian supermarkets range private label SKUs , may be useful

For a free initial consultation, or meeting with Tim, my Contact Details . I look forward to talking with you.