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Marketing Administration

After creating a tailor made sales and marketing plan for our clients we offer an administration service to assist our busy clients to implement the plan.

Many of our clients know important tasks, such as adding a new customers contact details to the CRM, should be completed but are not due to a lack of time. Bowen Consulting offers administration services to assist businesses to complete all these important admin tasks.

Some of the services offered include:

CRM set up and management

Email marketing, e.g. mail chimp

Copy / blog / newsletter creation


CRM (customer relationship management) is simply the system your company uses to manage relationships with current and potential clients. Most of our clients have modified a standard software package to their own requirements.

Bowen Consulting can help our clients choose the correct system for their business, including free software options, and then create and manage the system.

Email marketing

Bowen Consulting assist our clients to create tailor made marketing email campaigns to help promote their products or services.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is simply the creation and sharing of online material, e.g. blog, to create interest in a product or service. Bowen Consulting can assist our clients to create copy, blogs or newsletters to share online with their customers.

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Marketing Administration
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