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FMCG Digital Marketing

Tim can help demystify digital marketing and help our clients build better relationships with their shoppers online. Whilst online sales are still relatively low in the supermarket industry, shoppers are now influenced by digital marketing. Unlike others, we focus on digital marketing for the FMCG / retail industry. Our expertise is knowing what digital marketing activities can drive sales for FMCG brands. For example suppliers can advertise on supermarkets websites to drive sales.

This service normally includes:

Mapping your shoppers path to purchase

Creating a digital plan that focuses on activities to drive sales

Reviewing the customised content for different platforms

Reviewing numerous digital opportunities, including Amazon and D2C, to create the optimal long-term digital strategy


Some of the changes in the market leading to on-going growth of online sales include:

Australian shoppers using marketplaces such as Amazon and e-Bay

Amazon opening warehouses in Australia

FMCG manufacturers operating direct to consumer (D2C) e-commerce operations

COVID-19 changing shopping behaviours

If you are new to the industry my blog, Digital disruption = sales opportunities for FMCG suppliers, may be useful.

For a free initial meeting with Tim, my Contact Details . I look forward to talking with you.