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Bowen Consulting can demystify digital marketing and help our clients build better relationships with their customers online. Unlike other agencies, we offer a broad service, including website design, SEO, social media, SEM and e-commerce for the FMCG / retail industry. By offering this broad scope of services Bowen Consulting is able to offer ‘one stop shopping’ for all your digital marketing.

Google estimates that 64% of all transactions in Australia include an online element, including researching products and services before purchase, so you need to be online to connect with current and potential customers.

According to Nielsen research (Connected Commerce: connectivity is enabling lifestyle evolution, 2018) Australia currently has 3.1% of FMCG sales online. This is low % of sales vs other markets such as South Korea – 20% FMCG sales online. However Roy Morgan research, (Inside FMCG March 2019) highlighted more Australian grocery shoppers want to buy online. Unfortunately, the offer is not strong enough so about 600,000 buy online each month whilst 5,000,000 are interested to buy online. These statistics highlight the opportunity for FMCG manufacturers and retailers to achieve sales growth with an improved digital / e-commerce offer.

Some of the changes in the market leading to on-going growth of online sales include:

Australian shoppers using auctions sites such as e-Bay

Amazon opening warehouses in Australia

FMCG manufacturers operating direct to consumer (D2C) e-commerce operations

A very quick overview of the services we offer is:

Website design – review and repair your current site to meet your expectations OR design and build a new engaging website that maximises your online presence.

SEO (search engine optimisation) – utilise tactics, such as blogs, to improve your rankings on search engines, e.g. Google, to increase the quality and quantity of visitors to your website.

Social Media – create and manage your digital presence on social media sites, e.g. Facebook, to maximise engagement with your target market.

SEM (search engine marketing) – create and manage online campaigns, e.g. Google ads, to maximise your ROI from your marketing spend.

e-commerce – assist with creation and management of direct to consumer (D2C) business models. Building online stores on auction sites such as e-Bay and Amazon.


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