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Customer Insights

Customer Relationship Management 

The key to building better relationships with your customers is understanding their behaviours i.e customer insights. Bowen Consulting uses customer insights as the basis to create the correct customer relationship management (CRM) program for our clients and their customers.

The FMCG industry is unique as most manufacturers now have 3 different target markets. Firstly manufacturers need to understand and be able to engage with their customers, i.e. major supermarkets (B2B). Secondly, manufacturers need to build relationship with the shoppers (consumers) in the supermarkets (B2C). Thirdly many manufacturers are now dealing direct with their consumers (D2C) via their e-commerce operations. Each target market is different and offers need to tailored to their expectations / demands.

Bowen Consulting focuses on WHY and HOW people buy our clients product or service to create tailor made customer relationship management programs to build long term relationships between our clients and their customers.

Some general trends customer trends in Australia include:

Digitisation – Google estimates that 64% of all transactions in Australia today include an online element. This includes researching products / services online before purchase.
Personalisation – 75% of consumers like it when brands personalise messaging and offers. HSO


For over 20 years I used customer insights to increase sales in the FMCG (supermarket) industry. I managed a variety of both qualitative and quantitative research projects. Quantitative data included scan and panel data.  The data was analysed to better understand WHY customers bought a particular product and / or brand and HOW they bought it. I now offer this expertise to my clients to help them improve their relationships with their customers.

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Customer Insights
Customer Insights
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