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Bowen Consulting

Marketing agency

Bowen Consulting is a unique sales and marketing agency that focuses on improving your relationships with your customers. Why? If you have no customers, then you have no cash flow. So your relationships with your customers are your most important asset.

Customer insights are used to create tailor made, new and innovative, sales and marketing ideas that improve your long term relationships with your customers. The outcome for you is increased customer loyalty and long term sales.


Your business may face a number of different challenges to achieving increased sales. Bowen Consulting offers a broad range of services to help you overcome these challenges. The broad range of services offered also allows you to be reassured we can create and implement the sales and marketing ideas suggested. Some of the services we offer include:

Brand / Product Management

Customer Insights

Digital Marketing

Marketing Administration

Retail / FMCG Specialist

Agency process

Your business is unique so the process used will be tailored to your situation. Some common steps in your increased sales process include:

  • Understand your goals
  • Understanding WHO your target market is
  • Understanding WHY your target market buys your product / service

Customer insights are then used to create and implement new, innovative sales and marketing ideas to grow your sales.

Client Feedback

Bud – “go to guy for sales and marketing expertise”

Greg – “I highly recommend Tim as a highly skilled marketing, market research and business planning strategist”

Jackie – “Tim you are a marketing dynamo!”