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FMCG Consultant

Expert advice for FMCG suppliers and supermarkets

FMCG Consultant

Bowen Consulting partners with our clients from product concept to consumption. For new suppliers to supermarkets Tim can assist you to become retail ready. For current suppliers Tim can highlight opportunities to drive business performance. For all clients Tim focuses on identifying shopper demands, explaining supermarket expectations and highlighting supplier opportunities. My blog, What do FMCG consultants do? , provides more information.

Bowen Consulting works with a variety of clients from start-ups to multi-nationals.

For new suppliers Tim will demystify supplying supermarkets. Receive expert advice to understand how to partner with major Australian supermarkets. Tim can explain how supermarkets operate, their expectations of suppliers and assist you to become retail ready. If required Tim can negotiate with major supermarkets on clients behalf.

For current suppliers Tim can help unlock the full potential of your FMCG business. Tim offers in-depth knowledge of how Australian major supermarkets operate to help you overcome challenges and identify opportunities. Importantly Tim also provides insights into shopper demands to drive business opportunities.

Tim Bowen

Tim Bowen has 25 years experience in FMCG in Australia and the UK. Some say it is ‘in his blood’ as both of his grandparents were retailers.

Tim has marketed and sold everything from fresh herbs to toilet rolls! His experience includes marketing P/L (private label) and branded ranges. Also, he has managed business relationships with major Australian retailers such as Aldi, Coles, Costco and Woolworths.

Whilst living in the UK Tim specialised in category management and dealt with major retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and TESCO. Tim is so passionate about category management he even wrote a book about it – ‘Category Management 2020’.

Tim Bowen Consulting

Category Management 2020

Category Management is a way of thinking

Disruption is the new normal in the supermarket industry. Increasing sales of hard discounters, P/L (private label), small brands and online have changed the structure of the industry. The increasing power of shoppers and consumers will continue to change how the industry operates. New entrants with online expertise, such as Amazon, will continue to disrupt the industry. Also, new supply chains, such as direct to consumer, are changing the industry dynamics. So how do manufacturers and supermarkets compete?

This book highlights that a category management mindset is key to being competitive in this challenging environment. The concept of what category management is explained plus why manufacturers and supermarkets should adopt this thinking. Finally, a simple model is presented to illustrate how category management works.

Category Management 2020 is available in e-book and paperback exclusively from Amazon. Link to

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Category Management 2020